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The family which built up and sustains the high quality of services in Clifton’s long standing Maxim’s Restaurant, has undertaken to render the same in-depth quality of services in Pakistan’s tourism and pilgrimage sector under the umbrella of Maxim’s Group of Companies, which carries :

  1. Universal Brothers (Pvt) Ltd            An IATA Accredited Agent
  2. Maxim’s Travel & Tours                    An IATA Accredited Agent
  3. Umrah & Hajj Services (Pvt) Ltd      An IATA Accredited Agent
  4. Maxim’s Hajj & Umrah (Pvt) Ltd       An IATA Accredited Agent
  5. Crown Pkgs Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd
  6. Maxim’s Restaurant                          (Ranks High in Quality food since 1971)

Our director’s Mr. Furqan and Mr. Junaid Abdul Qadir, sons of Maxim’s founder Abdul Qadir, are running these companies, Accredited IATA Agents.

Both Mr. Furqan and Mr. Junaid, are highly educated and ethically motivated professionals, earned recognition for their professional know-how and ethical business dealings in the travel & trade business for :

  1. Corporate Travels ( Last Minute Travel Arrangements )
  2. Domestic & International Ticketings ( Doorstep deliveries)
  3. Online World Wide Hotel Bookings (24/7 24 Hours 7 days a week )
  4. Summer/Honey Moon &Leisure Holiday package for Dubai/Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand.
  5. All your Travel Needs. ( Professional Travel Consultancy )

Apart from above , have made Umrah Contracts with top Saudi Companies like M/s. Hajeej,and other company M/s. Elaf Travel & Tourism, and further we are licensed by Federal Ministries of Tourism & Religious Affairs, Islamabad for Hajj and for all your travel needs & others.

Universal Brothers is offering personalized services of in-depth qualities, as Travel Agent further for Umrah & Hajj arrangements of a very high standard and particularly Umrah & Hajj sector to function exclusively under their banner of Universal Brothers.

With our professional and competent employees and commanding respect among our counterparts in several countries abroad, our company already has a large portfolio of discerning clients in the country.

Universal Brother’s are unique in their professional services therefore are The Leader & Trend setters.

Sheikh Muhammad Asif
General Manager ( Group )

Universal Brothers

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